The Gentle Boy

He is 27 and he is like a teenager

He held me under the Agadir moon

in late December

and we sang happy birthday

and we Sang Happy new Year

two days apart…

He took me to the airport and his

hand was in mine

he loved me then

love is blind

he came and he went

he made up stories

he left me and came back

said he still loved me

Gentle Boy if I think about

your lips against mine it will hurt me,

I got over you,but there is a small

tear in my soul that if I think of

you I can almost hear you love me

against my skin…

our sin

oh my gentle Boy

how I loved you,

if only you would grow up

and know pain and loss

maybe you would realize what youAfrican Daisy

lost in me…../

In A Past Life

In a past life did you make love to me?
Did I give birth to your babies?
Why am I so attached to you?
In a past life did you choke

the life out of me? Were

we never meant to be?
In a past life did you kiss

me and kill for me when someone

tried to hurt me

did you love me?

Did you hate me?
Your eyes seem so familiar

I have loved you for centuries

I never believed in past lives

until I realized in this one

I was too attached that

I couldn’t take the pain

and when I close my eyes

I can see your eyes,

but who were you?
You don’t love me now

Maybe you never did

not now, not anymore

and not in any past life….


Far Away

Far away you sleep somewhere

your head full of when and where

you don’t think of me anymore

you don’t want to,

it’s a bore

You  tell me you don’t like me

and to stay away,

my heart’s been broken

I lost all words to say

you once told me it was because

of the distance,

but until today

I just didn’t

Poet’s Tongue

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A poet’s tongue

is sweet like sugar.

But do not be mistaken.

The sugarcane is in the heart.


Do you think poetry is difficult?

No. The truth is

you don’t need a PhD

in Linguistics or Literature

just to be a poet.

All you need is love.

A poet is not necessarily a lover,

but a lover is always a poet.


For when everyone is in love,

even the mute becomes a poet,

even lemon tastes sweeter than honey

and the sun rises from the west.


And when one is in love,

they promptly take the brush to paint a rainbow,

just like in the poet’s mind

words make love

and become a poem.

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Eye Makeup for Fall 2014

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I feel like the 80’s are peeking in this fall. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned the 80’s…but the eyes say flash back and futuristic.

Seeing eye makeup in the magazines lately I really feel like some of the looks is 80’s inspired. Loud, neon eye colors with almost obscene colors of eyeliners from green to purple are really making me wonder if I want to revisit the era I was a teen in.

One eye makeup kit you can look at for an example of Dark and bold colors is Urban Decays’s VICE 3. Looking into the palette I see some  mild colors like rose pink and a tame eggplant then I see copper, a very reddish bronze, and some taupes. Why are women going to dark and are they? Have you noticed any women in your area looking as if they are going to the roller…

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Why Men Run Away?

One of the worst feelings for me is to be ignored. I started this blog and called it “Can’t ignore me now” because I had been ignored and hurt by people I loved. I continue to be ignored though I carry on, because I have to. I do not understand how men can ignore women and not just say ….” I am leaving you because….”, “I don’t love you because…” Sometimes there is no because they just make up their mind they don’t want to deal with a female that gave them their heart.

We are looked upon as despos and stalkers when all we really want is answers. Why do they throw women away so easily? Many books and movies have been made, where the man leaves because he has some inner turmoil yet still loves the woman. This makes me mad, because from what I have seen the guy has his nose in the air acting as if he never told said woman he cared.

Does it start with the mother’s of boys? Should a mom teach her son to speak…to tell the truth? Would it do any good at all? I feel very sad that women world wide have been abandoned many with never truly knowing if the man who disappeared was ever really with her at all?

Mystical Moments

I have decided to combine my psychic writings with my other “Stuff” So I don’t have to work on like 20 blogs so here goes….

The Negative Psychics

Some people are lucky they call up those psychic lines and are told things that begin to happen.The Reader is not bitchy to them and the experience is uplifting. For me, I usually get yelled at or the wicked witch of the west picks up and I end up with less money and crying doubting myself and my hopes.

As a reader myself, I try to find positive things to  have my client look towards. I know what it is liked to be bashed by someone you called with hope in your heart. I am really at a point that I feel psychics have something against me. I went and got a stone to ward off negativity I forgot the name it is black and small. I plan on having it wrapped with wire and hang on a chain.

I got a new pendulum yesterday at a store called “Bright Candle” that I love. I also got some wood called  palo santo I came home and had to burn some. In the back of my mind I am hoping they are not cutting down every tree they can find to sell in metaphysical shops.

I light the wood stick and the smell is indeed “Holy” meaning I feel at peace. My kids are running through the house complaining that the house is on fire and the place stinks. I am there trying to hold my pendulum near the smoke and lay my tarot cards down for them to be cleansed. I am a mystical person. I know my native roots are strong and I am always wondering and questioning.

This morning I woke up and went downstairs to light the wood and some incense. I cleaned the house some and made an Indian dish. My husband is from India so I love Indian food. I stuck my pendulum in my bra lol, yes..and then I came to blog. I do hope you are enjoying the magazine I have to start trying to make things more sexy cool for you all.

If you would like a fun and upbeat reading I would love to read for you some people call me thinking it’s free but it’s my job so here is the price 15 minutes is 18 dollars and 20 minutes is 22 and 30 is 4o dollars for this month. I always give free follow up questions I can only take pay pal.

914 621 1842

Blessings, Margo$_12

Instagram and Smart A**es

Instagram was a favorite place for me. I loved to post photos  and comment on other peoples pics. It was when I was told “Go F yourself” when I wrote “Cute” under a young Hispanic guy’s photo I almost cried. I was really shocked because I complimented him. Did he think that I had 42 had no business telling him he was cute? Did he think I was ugly? Did he he care he was hurting me.

I have not been back on Instagram for a week. I do miss it, but I am still hurting from being told what I was told and it didn’t end there he actually said go f yourself and your mother and that my friends made me so upset that if I could I would have slapped the S out of him…

People are mean. You have to try to look at the psychology here, what would possess someone to say such cruel things after a compliment? Being an Empathic person, I couldn’t pick up why on earth he would curse me out. Just ignorance and malice I suppose I can’t pick his brain because perhaps the towel he had around his waist had choked the sense out of him …