“Like a dream to have you on my arm”…

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He’s stuck in a moment,
his eyes on the past…

His brain full of nostalgia,
with memories that last…

And haunt his present,
whilst struggling to get through…

As the life he’s living,
is filled with images of you…

The one he craved for,
Twenty years ago…

He knew from the first moment,
but he had to let go…

As the timing was wrong and
the stars weren’t aligned…

Yet he always loved you and
at one stage, tried to find…

Tracking you down,
to tell you his thoughts…

But when he saw you,
cold feet forced him to abort…

So he stood in the shadows,
gazed upon your face…

Saw your contented smile,
then left without a trace…

But with a shattered heart,
that refused to mend…

And told him over and over,
to bin the love letters, not send…

Now Twenty years later,
he has not moved…

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As I write tonight, I wonder not how to be popular in blogging or in life, but how to just be. Here I am and it’s 1:13 a.m. My mind is always bouncing around. I want to do so much. I want to write. I want to have a long attention span, I want to inspire women. I would like to have a new Job. I love my psychic Job, but I need to get out. I have been a rapunzuel all my adult life. I have been a mommy to 3 girls and I am proud of that, but I need to try to get out some maybe.

I am wondering what I can do. Some people have told me I have this “Pull” on people despite the people who left me in the dust. You know my blog started off being called ” You can’t ignore me now” after my first blog, “Margo’s Mirror.” I am sure I can gather my thoughts and try to get back to writing and maybe make some sense of what I want to do through blogging.

So, About me.. Hi… 

I am Mom to 3. I am funny and outgoing, sensitive and loving. I take a lot after Liz Taylor and many people say I look like her. I grew up in Kentucky. I was very poor as a child, and my mom worked hard as the janitor of our school to provide for my brother and I. I never had a dad. My mom divorced him because he was abusive. He passed away and I never knew him,but he came to me in a dream a while back and he was loving and cooked for me. I think that is what he would have done if he could. He had a drinking problem, I heard he had overcame that later on in his life.

I have lived most of my life in a place far from my birth place. I get homesick. I crave exotic maybe too many past lives walking through bazars or belly dancing for kings?

I want to write not only here, but I book I was born for that Inshallah… That is it for tonight, Margo

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As Layla climbed the stairs she paused. She was out of breath and hated to climb stairs. She looked up to the top which was her destination. She had flash backs of climbing stairs in Morocco for the young man who had broken her heart and claimed he loved her. She took a deep breath and steadied herself. 


When she reached the door, she told herself to catch her breath first before she knocked. Behind her ear was a red rose. She could smell it slightly. Gabe opened the door, before she could knock and he smiled at her.

They had known each other since they were 20. They had been online loves in college, they had recently met in “Real life.” and Gabe had rented an apartment for the week. They had not made any promises, both married and they would only admit that their attraction for each…

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Is it Fair

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So many people come and go

some we don’t even miss

but I missed you.

I don’t want to build you up

and be hurt

I wish I could love you almost

So many people I sought to 

fill the space you left behind

only after a few letters and emails

I was changed,

I looked for you in different people,

told them about you..

I was laughed at  and punished

curled up like a cat in a sunny window

Is it fair?

None of them were you…

I could not seek the comfort I found from

your words long lost..

the words ceased but never the 

thought of you…

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Margo’s Life Coaching

I love people, so here goes. I am going to be giving life coaching over the phone. I am not yet a liscenced life coach so I am putting in this clause “Not responsible for Client’s actions”.

My life coaching will be fun and upbeat. I am non judgmental and I am a good listener. If you would like a life coaching session 30 minutes is 45 dollars and this is not a psychic reading.

Thank you , Margo

contact me at 914 621 1842 or email me at Margovictoria1971@gmail.com

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