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It’s so long now since he came to me

to talk or look into my eyes

my heart has been so heavy for so long

I have been on planes and in limos and walked

along oceans,

but not held his hand in so long…

I loved him for so long

this is torture

I wish I had a magic wand

and wave all this pain away

it’s been so long

and yet I love him anyway

but I want him back,

not just write poetry and suffer

I want to know his love

no others

it’s been so long now

yet I still believe

maybe God will

bring him back to me….

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It didn’t mean anything

Not much anyway

They did it all

I was merely there

for a moment excited

as if in a circle then I would

float up and

recall someone

I missed and loved

The reason I was here

is the hurt,

I became numb to so much

It didn’t matter to them

so I won’t let it matter to mewicca-site-6

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Good morning darlings,

I hope that this finds you well. I am just trying to figure out how to make money online, if you know anything let me know because I want to be a success! (AFFRIMATION-I am a success!) How are you liking the magazine, I will be bringing you more articles soon. I am trying to keep you inspired. Grab your concealer and make a youtube video!  

I am going to make some headbands soon and try to get them on ETSY. I have to get my creative outlets out there into the world. My oldest started college and I miss her so much. I feel like I need to crawl back into bed because I had too much diet coke last night …


OKAY ..title was glam so what can you do to be glam….First I think you have to build your confidence, which takes time. Some of us  have had a struggle with confidence most if not our whole life. I think it helps to look at people who have inspired you.  Talk to other women who you found something interesting about ask for info on where did they buy their make up etc? Try new things, I still can’t wear false eyelashes. 

Since I didn’t sleep well, get your sleep, no caffeine before bed (UGH) and most of all just try to stay positive when everything is just sucking all around you, remain a rose when the weeds wrap around your pinky toe and don’t be pulled down,


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A Romantic In a Modern World is there room for us?

I never asked to be a romantic. I never asked to write poetry or be a phone psychic. I was once just a little girl in Kentucky who watched Soap operas and made love potions in old pepsi bottles with water and violets I picked from the hillside…hmmm so there was a hint there of romance…

I never asked to love more than one man. I never wanted to fall in and out of love or be hurt. I never wanted to be down on my knees praying for God to bring me back my soul mate or soul mates or whomever.. I began to be just a tornado of emotions. I never asked to be on a plane to morocco, for someone who would leave me soon after I came home. I had a family to face, questions to answer, no harm done I’d be gone from then on…

There was one that stood out the one who didn’t want me anymore. Why is it always “The one” who came in and changed our lives then walks out? Why is it that I never got to see him in “real life?” And why did my life have to be so online…and off the rail? 

Was I like a some space ship girl who talked to people on webcams and made packages and set to far away places? Was It some past life experiences coming back to haunt me?  I ask you is there room in this world for a Romantic? Back in the old days one could become a famous poet writing about the longing…many virgin women wrote about heart break without even a kiss..Men wrote about crows and Romeo and Juliet…Where do I belong now?

There is so much competion to be a romantic. So many books written and so many tears shed by us lovers who will never see the one who stole our heart..some of you were lucky, you met maybe even in real life and you made love or had babies. Arranged Marriages got canceled and you were the winner….The rest of us cried and played Journey all night and wondered what went wrong that the world got so crowded that our beloved stopped looking for us and couldn’t hear us say “Wait!!!”



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From Miles Away

From miles Away I loved and lost

I was gained and then tossed in thought

My love was not returned

letters sent and letters burnt

A good guy

becomes more distant than miles

can make

and my love for him

may have became a waste

from miles away I loved and lost

though he never left my thoughts.




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First Love’s imprisonment

Meg would like to think Aman thinks of her. That he sits in his office chair near the sunny, expensive window in the back bedroom and pulls up photos of her. Meg lays on her bed and flips tarot cards. The king of cups comes up. He loves her it says. He has not spoken to her for 2 months and before that 2 1/2 years.and before that 7 years and 23 years have came and went.

He was her first online love. He used to send her gifts from Turkey. He sent her ear rings and some coins and his letters were beautiful.  She had only been 21 and one day he said goodbye, or did he? She couldn’t remember.

For a long time she didn’t have a computer and she kept his name on her mind and on pieces of paper that she would hide. She married her other pen pal and sometimes she thought of Aman and would day dream.

She wondered if he still had his beautiful, sexy Turkish accent, if he was tall and thin still if he was happy. If he ever wondered about her also. She wondered if he wished that they had gotten together like it had seemed briefly would happen…if fate had been different.


One day she found him on a social network after a long time. One night she had found his number online and called him, her heart had been in her throat.They had spoken briefly and later she found him again….

Most recently he had finally written after 2 years and said he was sorry that his wife was a very jealous woman and they had chatted and talked about meeting.

She had been so excited and she imagined hugging him and kissing his cheek. Of course, his prison guard  had gotten into his emails again and he was gone just like a fly on the window she had smashed him and any hopes Meg had of touching her first love’s hand.

Now, Meg had stopped writing him. She was back o flirting with younger men who bored her and crying at night for doing so. Her husband was gorgeous, hard working yet she felt like something was nagging at her. Sometimes, she lay on the bed and wondered if her should could just peel up from her body and drift off a moment. She would look at Aman’s photo from time to time, but grew bored and bitter. If he didn’t contact her then screw him. It was all getting boring now. If he couldn’t be smart enough to make up a new email address that his dearly beloved couldn’t hack into then he wasn’t worth her tears.


Meg was a beautiful woman and many people said she looked like Liz Taylor. Some men almost crazy for her, but easily  gave up usually because of distance, religion or just plain laziness. Her husband saw he as his beautiful bird that he kept in a cage made of silk and designer bags.

She was exotic having stormy blue gray eyes and high cheekbones, Her skin was what they called in the old days alabaster. She had a temper and again she could compare herself to Elizabeth  Taylor.

She would tell any man what she thought and many times they wanted to slap her,but held back. She had not slept with other men but her husband RT yet she had flown to morocco and shared many nights  with Fouad who had been so beautiful and tender He had almost made love to her and spoke of being with her forever it was so sad that he had been weak willed and began loving making money driving a truck through the deserts of morocco than to pursue her anymore and had had ran off in fear of having to marry her.


She was heartbroken after that. For a while she vowed she would talk to no one, but when RT’s Temper flared and he said terrible things she found herself again on the spot. Love came and went, she would cry and nothing mattered then she had read Aman’s words about “I wish I could see you.” That had been thrilling…

He was inprisoned by a rich wife who kept him in his place, he could of been a doctor, but somehow he had dropped off trying to make millions in the stock market. She always vowed to take their twin girls away if he dared leave. Meg sat by a wind too wishing she could just hear his voice and touch his hand.She prayed one day he could break free if just for a moment.6431543257_d426bc76bc_z

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