As I write tonight, I wonder not how to be popular in blogging or in life, but how to just be. Here I am and it’s 1:13 a.m. My mind is always bouncing around. I want to do so much. I want to write. I want to have a long attention span, I want to inspire women. I would like to have a new Job. I love my psychic Job, but I need to get out. I have been a rapunzuel all my adult life. I have been a mommy to 3 girls and I am proud of that, but I need to try to get out some maybe.

I am wondering what I can do. Some people have told me I have this “Pull” on people despite the people who left me in the dust. You know my blog started off being called ” You can’t ignore me now” after my first blog, “Margo’s Mirror.” I am sure I can gather my thoughts and try to get back to writing and maybe make some sense of what I want to do through blogging.

So, About me.. Hi… 

I am Mom to 3. I am funny and outgoing, sensitive and loving. I take a lot after Liz Taylor and many people say I look like her. I grew up in Kentucky. I was very poor as a child, and my mom worked hard as the janitor of our school to provide for my brother and I. I never had a dad. My mom divorced him because he was abusive. He passed away and I never knew him,but he came to me in a dream a while back and he was loving and cooked for me. I think that is what he would have done if he could. He had a drinking problem, I heard he had overcame that later on in his life.

I have lived most of my life in a place far from my birth place. I get homesick. I crave exotic maybe too many past lives walking through bazars or belly dancing for kings?

I want to write not only here, but I book I was born for that Inshallah… That is it for tonight, Margo


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